United Arab Emirates

We bring international best practice and standards of service to our clients in the region.

  • Rouse continues to represent some of the world's foremost IP owners and acts for a strong base of local and regional clients, including academic institutions and highly successful Middle Eastern companies operating on a global stage.
  • We have a formal association with a firm in Riyadh and work with a network of local agents in North Africa supervised by our team of French/Arabic speakers.

Our offices

  • 11th Floor
  • The Maze Tower
  • Sheikh Zayed Road
  • PO Box 31778
  • Dubai
  • United Arab Emirates

Service specific information

Trade mark management in the UAE is subject to a number of local rules that are important to know e.g. the UAE authorities accept filings in Arabic only and they will not accept filings after late morning. A legalised Power of Attorney is also required for all rights holders outside the UAE. To operate successfully here you need to know the market well and understand how to get things done. We have this knowledge.

We handle complex issue trade mark litigation, multi-jurisdictional trade mark oppositions, cancellations, and infringement matters. We conduct regional trade mark prosecution covering searching, applications and contentious matters. In addition, Rouse manages regional anti-counterfeiting programs for large international clients.

Increasingly the competitive advantage of businesses is underpinned by their intellectual assets and innovation rather than their physical assets. Rouse Consultancy aims to utilise a flexible and informal approach to assist businesses to identify, capture, manage and protect their innovations and intangible assets.

Rather than providing intellectual property advice in the traditional sense, constrained within a conventional legal framework, we aim to utilise a far more flexible and informal approach to assist our clients to capture and manage innovation and IP. We have the ability to spend time in a business and the skills, borne of seniority and experience, which enable us to ask the right questions and bring the necessary stakeholders together to draw IP into alignment with business strategies and goals.

Our structure allows us to be dynamic and responsive to client needs, so capable of delivering bespoke services tailored to the business related issue at hand, whether it involves putting internal processes in place for management of in-house innovation and IP or assistance with a one-off IP heavy transaction.

The Government of the UAE recognises patents for inventions, utility models and designs. Applications can be made to the UAE Patent Office, through the Patent Co-Operation Treaty, or by filing a Gulf-Co-Operations Patent. Our patent team in Dubai deals with all aspects of patenting, from filing to commercialisation and enforcement, throughout the Middle East and North Africa regions.

Our inflow regional patent prosecution practice continues to develop. We are particularly known for rescuing patent applications deemed failed by local patent agents. Rouse's patent practice also includes out flow patent prosecution for local universities, particularly liaising between local inventors and patent attorneys drafting patent claims.

Designs are protected via patent applications to the UAE Patent Office. There has been a significant backlog of design applications and since 2007 the UAE Patent Office has made great efforts in looking to reduce them. Due to the delays, rights holders are looking at three-dimensional trade mark registration as a means of obtaining protection in the UAE, alongside or in the absence of the design patent.

Our Dubai based designs team handles industrial design filing and prosecution matters in the UAE and throughout the Middle East and Africa, working closely with our trade marks team.