In the last 20 years the Nordic region has emerged as a technological powerhouse. 

  • Sweden has, in particular, been named as one of the most innovative countries on earth with Stockholm having more unicorns per head of population than any other city in the world.
  • Following the acquisition of Swedish firm, IPQ, Rouse entered the Nordic region in July 2019 to advise clients in the region and to provide routes to the markets of China and South East Asia.

Our offices

Rouse AB
  • Vasagatan 11, 11thr floor
  • SE-111 20 Stockholm
  • Sweden

Service specific information

Our Sweden office has a well-established Consultancy practice in Sweden, working with our global Consultancy teams.

Is your business structured to encourage innovation and foster creativity? In order for a company to thrive all parts of the business need to work harmoniously and you need to understand how valuable IP is created, protected and exploited. We can help with the identification and valuation of your intangible assets to increase profitability and accelerate your growth but also recognise that an organisation is influenced by itself, but also its environment to support the competitive advantage.

Trademark practice in Sweden follows the European Union trademark practice and case as interpreted by Swedish and European courts. Other IP frameworks such as design, copyright and unfair competition regulations are also harmonized with European law with little national peculiarities. Our IP and trade marks experts work with you to protect your valuable assets both in Sweden and overseas. Our team can help you to manage your portfolio, ensure it is working for the benefit of your business and take the necessary steps to protect it.

Patent practice in Sweden largely follows the European patent practice and case law as implemented by Swedish law. Swedish companies are export oriented and operate in all parts of the world. This has entailed an international experience and approach to IP in business as well as within the European- and Swedish Patent Office. Swedish patent applications may be prosecuted in English as well as in Swedish up to grant.

Our patent team take the time to get to know you and your business to understand your commercial aims and objectives and ensure your patent portfolio will help you achieve them - recognising too the part your stakeholders play in the innovation environment. Should it be necessary we have experts in dispute resolution and arbitration and will work with our colleagues in our other offices if infringers are overseas.