We recognize the impact behind the economic change from being centrally planned to market based, and how this has led to increased levels of protection for IPR in Vietnam.

  • Good IPR management in Vietnam requires physical proximity to the various authorities, together with international standards of client service.
  • We are also providing IP services for Cambodia and Laos, as well as the Indo-China peninsula. We also have a close working relationship with a local Vietnamese IP Agency, Sao Bac Dau IP Ltd Co, which allows us to provide filing services and advice in Vietnam. 

Our offices

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Service specific information

Trade mark system in Vietnam operates in a similar way to European countries, it protects symbols, colours and other visual devices used to identify a business’ products or services. Trade marks are registered with the NOIP, all applications must be filed by a local IP agent.

We provide a full trade mark searching, filing and prosecution service through our associated Vietnamese IP Agency, Sao Bac Dau IP Ltd Co. We also handle a range of enforcement actions against infringers through various administrative enforcement authorities including the Economic Police, the Market Management Bureau and the General Department of Customs, at national and provincial levels.

Patents in Vietnam cover inventions and utility solutions. Application via the NOIP can be a complex process. Our patent attorneys and lawyers are experienced in all aspects of patent protection and enforcement in Vietnam, and committed to helping you along every step of the way. In addition to patent agency and portfolio management services, we provide a full range of patent commercialisation, enforcement and dispute resolution services.

Our Vietnam team is experienced in all aspects of industrial design protection and enforcement in Vietnam. They provide design clearance, registration and portfolio management services as well as services relating to design commercialisation and dispute resolution.

They work closely with Rouse's worldwide designs team which is made up of senior and experienced lawyers and experts with a range of technical backgrounds and experience of multi-jurisdictional cases.

They're practical and serve the client well, offering the experience of an international firm.

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