Hong Kong

Rouse is uniquely placed to meet the challenges IP owners are likely to face when doing business in Hong Kong and China.

  • Hong Kong is inexorably linked with the People’s Republic of China prompting the city to be a significant regional hub and commercial services centre. It operates as a central platform for IPR owners with interests in IP protection in ‘Greater China’ and Asia-wide. Hong Kong has a highly developed, comprehensive legal and administrative framework for the protection of IP rights (IPRs). 

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Service specific information

Our Hong Kong team has particular expertise and experience in the notoriously difficult emerging markets of Asia and Africa. To ease the burden of coordinating work in multiple jurisdictions, we regularly conduct regional filing programmes in this region for our international clients.

Our trade mark clients range from individuals and SMEs to some of the world's largest multinational brand owners.

Patents in Hong Kong are essentially re-registrations of foreign patents. Standard patents are based on patents registered with the State Intellectual Property Office in China, the European Patent Office or the United Kingdom Patent Office.

Our Hong Kong patent services include patent drafting, both Hong Kong and international prosecution, Asian and global patent strategy advice and freedom to operate and clearance work (especially for those manufacturing for export in China).

Our team is part of our regional Asian patent practice, which means it has ready access to the skills of a wide range of Asian patent practitioners.

In Hong Kong, designs are quick and easy to register. Because there is no substantive examination, costs are relatively low. Designs are increasingly used to protect aspects of packaging and product get up, as well as non functional parts of inventions. Our office works for a number of local businesses to obtain swift and inexpensive priority for new designs, before extending into other markets within the Paris Conventio n period.

We also advise on international design strategies, particularly for European and US businesses which need to understand which Asian countries are most important in terms of designs protection. We have lectured at the Hong Kong design school and work with other institutions to promote designs in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong