Trade Mark Strategy

The key to effective trade mark management is having the right strategy. So that’s the logical place to start when we look at your portfolio and discuss how we can work together. 

Our trade mark professionals work as an integrated team, so that no matter where you are or where you need support there’s always someone with the right blend of local experience and industry knowledge to meet your needs. We’re equally at home advising and counselling businesses large or small on the development of offensive and defensive strategies. 

Trade Mark Strategy

And most of our trade mark professionals have both in-house and private practice experience. We see these as major advantages.

Unlike most trade mark attorney practices, we work in client teams, each of which is made up of a senior attorney, who oversees your work, a managing attorney, and a paralegal. Together they will look after every aspect of your portfolio, including renewals and assignments. This means that at least three people who are fully aware of your issues, and who understand your requirements, are always available.

At Rouse, we take the time to understand your business objectives and commercial goals. Combining this with due diligence and a full audit of your portfolio, as well as a review of the competitive landscape through trade marks searching and watching as necessary, means we can help find the right strategy for you.