Trade Mark Disputes

We’ve been active in managing trade mark disputes, brand protection and enforcement work for more than 20 years. 

Our experts include evidence specialists and litigators, and we’re heavily engaged in devising and implementing anti-counterfeiting strategies for leading brand owners, as well as enforcing them through the courts when necessary. Rouse lawyers are leaders in this specialist field and were working in challenging markets long before their competitors.

Our extensive trade mark litigation experience in a wide range of jurisdictions has seen Rouse involved in many high-profile cases that have set precedents in trade mark law.

Trade Mark Disputes

Customs procedures

Seizures by national customs authorities are one of the most effective tools in the battle against counterfeit products. As an authorised rights holder, all we have to do is file an application on your behalf that requests those authorities to monitor goods bearing your registered trade mark, and seize any that appear suspicious. Once this process is established, it’s inexpensive and easy to manage, and doesn’t tie up too much of your time. We’ll make sure your resources are used wisely and pursue high-impact enforcement against high-value targets, while also tackling smaller, routine cases at minimal cost.

All Rouse offices can handle customs work, and we’re in daily contact with the authorities in markets worldwide. We also have unparalleled connections, experience and expertise in this area – Jeremy Newman and Stuart Adams, Partners in our London office, have been closely involved in lobbying to secure a more effective customs regime in Europe, for example, while Partner Chris Bailey and Client Manager Li Lan in China are industry-leading specialists.

Evidence gathering, anti-counterfeiting

We’re at the forefront of anti-counterfeiting work, especially in Asia where we have a large practice. We have extensive experience working with administrative authorities worldwide, conducting well over 100 raids annually in China alone.

We manage this work through our own offices and a network of carefully chosen partners in countries where we have no direct presence, giving us truly global coverage.

Timely, reliable information is critical to help you target your resources. We’ll set up processes to make sure that information flows efficiently from your business, commercial partners, customers, law enforcement authorities and from third party service providers. Where information is incomplete, our in-house evidence specialists will step in, working with the best third party firms as needed.

Online infringement

The internet offers your business a universe of opportunity, but it also represents a minefield of potential intellectual property infringements. Online infringement is growing rapidly, and it’s extensive too. From the sale of counterfeit goods to ‘brandjacking’, often via social media, online reputation management is time consuming but incredibly important.

Our online brand protection services are already helping prevent online brand abuse and erosion, including the sale of counterfeits, copyright infringement, false association, cyber-squatting and brandjacking, for a number of well-known brands. We also have a good understanding of the internet service provider perspective, because we’re an adviser to Google on EU trade mark matters.

Enforcement, ADR and litigation

IP enforcement through litigation and mediation or arbitration, as well as criminal and administrative action, are a large part of the Rouse business.

Unlike some pure investigation firms, we combine evidence gathering and qualified legal representation through our affiliated local firm Lusheng in China and Rouse Legal in Hong Kong, the UK and Europe. We have a dedicated criminal enforcement team in China, led by a former public prosecutor. And we aim to make sure that, starting from the evidence gathering stage, we give you the full range of enforcement options, dynamically linking fact-finding and enforcement stages as one team.