Create & Manage

Our business has its roots in trade marks services, and we are now widely recognised as one of the best trade marks firms in the world. We have an impressive range of clients and currently maintain a portfolio of more than 50,000 registered global trade marks. 

We are also in the process of registering a further 14,000 marks and are defending or prosecuting over 3,000 oppositions, cancellations, revocations and other disputes.

Trade marks are the face of your business – a highly visible means to distinguish your products and services, as well as a mark of quality. Choosing where, and where not, to register these marks requires knowledge of the nuances of local jurisdictions and strategic insight into your business.

Our team provides the full range of trade mark management services, from working with you to build the right trade mark searching and watching strategy through to managing renewals and general maintenance. 

Create & Manage

We’ll make sure that the correct transfers, licences and security interests are in place, depending on your commercial needs. And we can manage your entire global registration programme through a single point of contact, which saves you time and makes the whole process far simpler.

We manage trade marks for clients in a broad range of business sectors, from FMCG and luxury goods through to pharmaceuticals, technology, media and telecoms, manufacturing and the public sector. 

Searching and watching

We can design an appropriate searching and watching strategy for you, incorporating your own processes and procedures as required, to ensure a streamlined service. These trade mark services are provided by Thomson Reuters CompuMark, of which we are a Premier Partner.

We always recommend that you carry out appropriate clearance searches before launching a new brand or an existing brand in a new territory. This flags up any conflicting prior rights that could prevent you registering and using your brand, and reduces the risk of unintentionally infringing an existing right or having to rebrand products or services after a costly infringement action.

Watching, meanwhile, is more important than ever today, because a number of intellectual property offices no longer prevent a later mark from progressing to registration on the basis of an earlier right: the onus is now on the owner of the earlier right to take appropriate action. This often leads to oppositions, so a cost effective and reliable watching service is now an essential element of trade mark portfolio management.

Drafting and filing

Making sure that your business is drafting the correct trademark assignments and licensing agreements under the correct circumstances is absolutely critical, to prevent your business and its brand being compromised.

Portfolio management

Only by taking the time to understand the shape and nature of your business can we provide you with a complete portfolio management service that meets your objectives. Linking your trade mark portfolio management to your business strategy means that the right decisions are made for the right reasons – decisions that are in line with your growth plans.

We’ll also make sure that your portfolio is fully visible to you through our state of the art web-based system, WebTMS from IPPO – a tried and tested tool used by law firms and Fortune 500 companies around the world, which we believe is the most advanced available. Not only does the system keep an up-to-date record of your portfolio, it also acts as a docketing system and forum for the storage of key documents.