Leveraging Trade Marks

We’ll provide a full range of commercial services to help you leverage your trade marks. 

This includes the assignment, licensing, distribution, and coexistence agreements that you’d expect to find in effective brand portfolio management, as well as publishing, sponsorship and digital content agreements (including app and software development agreements), artist and personality rights agreements, performer’s agreements and moral rights waivers.

We can also provide you with our template agreements for use by your in-house counsel if needed, keeping external costs to a minimum.

Leveraging Trade Marks

Asset management

If you have a strong management programme and actively enforce your trade mark portfolio, the next logical step is to consider commercialisation. This could open up a rich stream of alternative revenue. 

We’ll help you leverage your assets and turn them into income generators in their own right. Among the options available to you are licensing, the most common method, or strategic acquisition and disposal, which is becoming increasingly popular.

Commercialisation and consulting

Building and maintaining a trade mark portfolio is expensive and takes a lot of time, but it can be of infinite value to your business. We provide a full range of commercial trade mark services, including assignment, licensing, distribution and coexistence agreements, all of which are ancillary to managing a trade mark portfolio.