Patent Creation & Management

Patent creation and management can be a tricky business. But our highly experienced patent attorneys and our integrated approach make it as efficient and pain-free as possible.

Searching and watching

When you’ve invested heavily in research and development and need to stay ahead of the competition, a well-managed patent portfolio is a must. 

First and foremost, you need a complete understanding of the competitive landscape, including an excellent grasp of the direction, trajectory and trends in technological development in the industry as a whole.

You also need to know about the patenting activities of the current key players in the same field or niche, as well as potential future competitors in the same or a different industrial or business sector.

Patent Creation & Management

This is where patent searching and watching comes into play. We can provide you with searching and watching services, as well as advice on freedom to operate. This valuable information, together with our patentability opinions, can make all the difference in your application. 

Drafting, filing and prosecution

When it comes to patent drafting, our focus is on technical quality. Drafting patents is an art and applications must be of an extremely high standard. The description must be well-written, and the claims skilfully drafted so that the patent office doesn’t insist on changes that will affect the scope of protection. This is easier said than done, of course, and can often be achieved only by experienced patent attorneys such as ours.

We secure and maintain patent protection throughout the world for a range of clients, from SMEs with small but developing portfolios through to multinational clients that have some of the largest and most valuable patent portfolios in the world.

Portfolio management 

Effective portfolio management is all about knowing what you have, clearly understanding deadlines and deliverables, and being able to build and prune your portfolio in line with your business needs.

We can work with you to create the optimal patent portfolio for your business that’s ‘lean and mean’. We’re experts in advising how portfolios should be structured and managed to reduce risk, safeguard your IP interests and increase operational efficiency.

We manage our client’s portfolios on Patricia, a centralised, international management software system that’s been developed exclusively for IP firms by the Swedish company Patrix AB.

Patricia contains an up-to-date database of all our clients’ intellectual property matters. We can use it to generate real time, tailored reports that we can send to you or you can access online.