Since Rouse was founded back in 1990, many wonderful people have come through our doors. We are very lucky that so many have remained in contact with the firm and become good friends and also clients. We have arranged occasional informal gatherings in the past, but have now created our version of the traditional firm alumni programme.

Called RouseConnect, its aims are to build and maintain a community of IP professionals who have all passed through Rouse at some point and hopefully shared many of our ideals. Many of our colleagues have gone on to great things – in-house, academia, to other great firms as well as into other fields. We want to keep in touch with everyone but also to help you all keep in touch with each other.

As well as regular updates in the Rouse magazine. We have created a group on LinkedIn, which you can access and join here.

We will be organising periodic get togethers at IP events which many of you attend. We held one in Hong Kong at the INTA conference in 2014. We will hold another one at the INTA conference in Seattle.

Please reach out to join this network, by clicking here.