Dynion Bakker
Senior Analyst

Dynion is a Senior Analyst who specializes in working with fast growth companies.

He has been working at and with numerous start-ups, stretching from life sciences to machine learning to public transportation services. He takes a holistic approach with a specific focus on IP in order to ensure that clients gain and stay in control of their core technology, allowing for improved commercialization.

Dynion previously worked from the Shanghai and Beijing offices and is now based in London. He holds two Swedish master degrees, in Intellectual Capital Management and in Business Creation & Entrepreneurship in Biomedicine as well as a Dutch Bachelor in Science & Innovation Management.

Professional qualifications

  • MSc, Intellectual Capital Management, Gothenburg University

  • MMSc, Business Creation & Entrepreneurship in Biomedicine, Gothenburg University

  • BSc, Science & Innovation Management, Utrecht University

Personal interests

  • Visiting different countries and cultures

  • Hiking and cycling through the countryside

  • A variety of team sports