When and how to amend patent claims in South-East Asia and China?

With international patent portfolios becoming the norm, transborder patent filings are not uncommon in South-East Asia. In such cases, patent applicants who have had certain claims allowed in foreign applications often seek to include those claims in the corresponding applications in ASEAN after they have been filed, and are being prosecuted. This article provides an overview of the practice of amending patent claims prior, during examination and post-issuance in ASEAN.

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By Fabrice Mattei, Partner (ASEAN Patent Hub), with the contributions of Mr. Jack Liu, Senior Associate (China), Mr. Kin Wah Chow, Partner (Indonesia), Mr. Edmund Baranda, Partner (Philippines) Ms. Kamolchanok Sinhaseni, Senior Associate (Thailand), Ms. Yen Vu, Partner (Vietnam) Ms. Vannary Tep, Senior Associate (Cambodia), Ms. Thet Htar Aung, Associate (Myanmar).