Trumping ethics in the Philippines

Eventually the allegations of Trump’s conflict of interests had to reach SE Asia! Many newspapers have been hard at work uncovering the Trump organisation's business networks around the world.

Businesses owned by the Trump family hired a Philippines law firm owned by a Philippines government officer to handle their IP work. Elpidio C Jamora Jr is a name partner at Manila law firm Carag, Jamora, Somera & Villareal. The firm files trademarks for the Trump Organization and Ivanka Trump’s personal brand. Jamora is also chairman of the largest state-owned construction company the Philippine National Construction Corporation (PNCC) and was sworn in by the President of the Philippines.  

Meanwhile Trump plans to open a tower in Manila, which is a project run by Jose EB Antonio, a Filipino developer who was also named by the Philippines government as special trade envoy to Washington in 2016.

So the US president has a Philippine government appointee as his IP lawyer as well as one as his business partner.  There is no suggestion of illegality, merely another set of probably unsurprising business relationships of a developer with people who also occupy government positions in Asia.