Mitrataa Foundation - An update about our sponsorship

Bec Ordish, the founder of the Mitrataa Foundation, shares an update from the projects Rouse is supporting in 2018.

Micro-entrepreneurs Platform Program - Connecting Skills (and Products) with Markets

The women have been busy developing their skills and products. Sulochana is currently designing a range of children’s blocks painted with Nepali character. The wooden blocks will be made by one of our girl’s fathers and then handpainted by Sulochana. Radha is currently working on a range of aprons and kurthas (Nepali dress). She has been a bit distracted making play clothes for the kids in our kindergartens in Nuwakot and Panauti which the kids adore. Our Mithila art project in Saptari will begin in early April with the women starting with basic art classes first. Several of the women have been doing hygiene training for their food business.

Two of the girls supported by Mitrataa will complete class 10 and class 12 in the next 6 weeks and they both plan to provide the business side of the program as they have studied accounts and will be able to support their mothers with the business and marketing plans as well as the accounts and other regulatory requirements.

Unfortunately, the organisation which was going to develop the website for us is unable to continue so we have also spent some time working on another partnership for that element of the plan.

Financial Literary

Our financial literacy project is moving ahead. We have collected story books and novels in Australia involving numbers and maths after requesting recommendations from various teachers, librarians and parents throughout our Mitrataa community. The collection will be delivered to Nepal by some visitors in April.

We have also been working with some of our younger kids using coins for counting and maths related games which they love. Rojina has been struggling with maths and so was bored with it. She is now feeling much more engaged and has mastered the art of addition using the coins!


Many of the kids struggle with probability, especially the playing cards related questions, partly because they have never seen a pack of cards! We have been conducting workshops with our class 9 and 10 students to help them grasp the concepts of probability using packs of cards.

After our class 10 students finish their final exams in mid-April, 3 of our girls will be coming to work with Mitrataa on our financial literacy project so that will really enable us to take it to the next level.