Students complete internships at Rouse Vietnam

This month seven talented students completed a successful two-month internship with Rouse Vietnam.

Last year, Rouse Vietnam held a training class for senior-law students in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City as part of the office's first annual internship programme, aimed at recruiting talented young people. The most outstanding students were given the opportunity of a two-week internship. 

The students, four in Hanoi and three in Ho Chi Minh City, were able to learn how to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice. They were able to improve their communication skills and get an idea of what it is like to contribute to a law firm. At the end of the internship they had an opportunity to give feedback on their experiences and it was clear that most felt the experience had grown their passion for intellectual property law. 

"It is hard to describe my appreciation for all of your continuous support and guidance through the last two months," said Khanh Le, intern in the Ho Chi Minh office. "I have learnt so many valuable lessons, as well as gaining an understanding of how a law firm works in real life. Thank you for a memorable experience among the most awesome seniors in a highly professional environment."

Trainees were not the only ones to benefit from the internship program. Rouse colleagues have had the opportunity for development in various leadership skills such as conducting on-the-job training, allocating job tasks to suitable team members and inspiring new recruits with Rouse's vision and work ethos. Each team has developed a formal training programme, providing step by step guidance and equipping our trainees with essential skills and knowledge for real life legal practice. This can be used again for future interns. 

Overall, both the initial training class and the following internships were a great success in talent development and recruitment. We are looking forward to making it a tradition every year.