Rouse Chairman Meets Vietnamese NOIP Delegation in London

On 7 December 2017, Rouse Chairman, Rupert Ross-Macdonald, presented to a delegation of senior trade mark examiners from the Vietnam National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) during their recent visit to London.

The visit was coordinated by the International Policy Directorate at the Intellectual Property Office in the UK (UKIPO). As part of the program, the NOIP examiners were given the opportunity to engage with industry to understand issues of concern, marketplace realities and how the market has evolved in terms of trade mark protection.

Rupert presented to the delegation on current and emerging trends impacting trade mark examination globally, as well as issues of concern specific to Vietnam. It was an excellent opportunity for Rouse to engage in a meaningful dialogue with the NOIP (which is the central authority responsible for the protection of IP in Vietnam) and raise awareness of the challenges faced by our clients in the market.