Reintroducing the Media, Advertising and Digital Newsletter

Welcome to the relaunched newsletter from the Rouse team supporting all your needs in the media, advertising and digital arena.

Over nearly three decades the Rouse Network has developed an enviable reputation as the go-to firm for brand protection in the challenging markets of Asia and the Middle East.  From these origins we have evolved and extended our capabilities to be at the forefront of leveraging and commercialising brands in these and other closely regulated markets.  The path to consumers in these markets today is an increasingly digitized and unfamiliar terrain.  Our team of lawyers, consultants, and attorneys help to make that journey simple and effective.

Our growth in this expertise now sees me writing to you from Hong Kong, which remains one of Asia’s world cities, and a hub for all things media, advertising and digital.  With a new focus on how we can support our clients in this domain, I will now be leading Rouse’s global team as we work to keep our clients up-to-date with developments in the emerging and emerged markets in which Rouse is active.

Whatever you think about these areas, whichever strategies you adopt and how you go about them, one thing is certain: these are business-critical topics that will dictate the success, if not survival, of your ventures in these markets.  As technology marches inexorably on, new opportunities are constantly arising.  So, unfortunately, are pitfalls!  We will aim to look at both in coming months.

We are planning to include commentary on how brand owners can use these developments not only to avoid risks, but also to produce value.  After all, that’s the aim at the end of the day.  In this issue you will find an outline of the new electronic media regime in the UAE, a wrap up of ambush marketing at the World Cup, and some updates on advertising and e-commerce changes in Vietnam.

I know your time is precious, so articles will always be short, to the point, and hopefully enjoyable.  But, above all, I want them to be relevant, so I’d be grateful for any suggestions you might have, either generally or in relation to topics you’d like to see covered in future issues. 

I really hope you enjoy the newsletter and that you’ll be keen to keep reading.  You can, however, always unsubscribe, should you choose to do so, by simply clicking the link you will find at the bottom of each newsletter.

Happy reading! 


Chad Dowle
Head of Media, Advertising and Digital