MIP IP Stars 2020: Trade Marks

Results are in and Rouse achieves excellent results in Managing IP's IP Stars.

We are pleased to announce excellent results for Rouse in this year's MIP IP Stars rankings having 14 of our experts listed as Trade Mark Stars.


​China (Foreign Firms) 

Tier 1  

Linda Chang – Trade Mark Star 

Sharon Qiao – Trade Mark Star 

Rachel Tan – Trade Mark Star 

August Zhang – Trade Mark star 


Hong Kong 

Tier 2 – Trade Mark Contentious 

Tier 3 – Trade Mark Prosecution 

Chad Dowle – Trade Mark Star 

Chris Vale – Trade Mark Star 

Adelaide Yu – Trade Mark Star 



Tier 1 – Trade Mark Contentious 

Tier 1 – Trade Mark Prosecution 

Nick Redfearn – Trade Mark Star 

Gunawan Suryomurcito – Trade Mark Star 



Tier 2 

EJ Baranda – Trade Mark Star 



Tier 3 – Trade Mark Prosecution 



Tier 2 - Trade Mark Contentious 

Tier 2 – Trade Mark Prosecution 

Fabrice Mattei – Trade Mark Star 



Tier 1 – Trade Mark Contentious 

Tier 1 – Trade Mark Prosecution 

Bassel El Turk – Trade Mark Star 

Sara Holder – Trade Mark Star 



Tier 1 

Yen Vu – Trademark Star