Luke Minford attends speech by Chinese Ambassador to the UK

Yesterday morning, Rouse CEO Luke Minford, attended a speech by the Chinese Ambassador to the UK about China's role in global trade relations held at Asia House in London.

“Whilst Ambassador Liu Xiaoming acknowledged that some deep-rooted trade issues persist, the easing of tensions with the United States over the weekend will have relieved many. In light of the ‘Golden Era’ of UK-China relations however, the message from the Ambassador is clear – the UK has a golden opportunity to build a strong, deep and mutually beneficial open trade relationship with China.

“A significant proportion of the Ambassador’s speech seized upon the core theme of China’s move to a high-quality phase of development, as opposed to a high-speed phase of development and what this will mean for China’s partnerships with innovative countries like the UK.

“Clearly the UK is well placed to take advantage but it will need to think intelligently and creatively about how it can best work with China. Although the Ambassador was right to point out the huge progress that China has made with respect to its IP systems, issues around IP protection remain and UK businesses are right to be prudent. Effective IP advice is vital, but prudence need not be fear.”