Coronavirus Updates

The situation in China (and elsewhere) due to the coronavirus outbreak is changing rapidly.


  • Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou city governments have announced that people cannot return to work until 10 February
  • Our teams in those cities will continue to work from home during this period

Hong Kong

  • Our staff will work from home 3-7 February
  • HK civil service will work from home 3-7 February 
  • ​Schools will remain closed until 2 March

For any questions, please contact


We are putting in place measures to allow us to continue to provide services to our clients while protecting our staff in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

The State Council in China has announced that the Chinese/Lunar New Year holiday will be extended to Sunday 2 February (except for Hong Kong). Government offices and departments (except for Hong Kong) including the Courts, the Patent Office, the Trade Mark Office and so on will all reopen on Monday 3 February. As a result, all official deadlines have been moved to Monday 3 February.

Our office in Hong Kong reopens on Wednesday 29 January. We are following the lead of the Hong Kong government and encouraging staff to work from home wherever possible.

There are extensive travel restrictions in China and businesses generally are being actively encouraged to take whatever measures are possible to reduce the risk of the virus spreading. In the short term, among many other measures in our offices, our China based staff will be working from home, will not be travelling outside China and our offices in China will not be open to visitors until further notice.

Our teams in China will be working hard to continue to provide services to our clients but there may be delays. If you have any specific questions please get in touch with your usual contacts. If you have any general questions about our services in China please contact us at

We will provide further updates as the situation changes and thank you for your understanding.