China’s Draft Anti-Unfair Competition Law Amendments

Provisions relating to IP-related acts of Unfair Competition         

News and Cases from China: September 2016

Registration of colour as a trade mark in Russia

The law in Russia does not restrict the types of trade marks which can be registered. However, various criteria are l...

Saudi Arabia increases official fees for trade marks effective 27 September 2016

Official fees for trade mark applications, renewals and recordals of licenses increase effective on 29 September 2016.

Rouse in Profile: Carla Leguia

An adventurous life from Peru to the US to Dubai  

A-Z Guide to Africa: Geographical Indications to Language and Literacy

Our tour of Africa continues this month from Geographical Indications to Language and Linguistics

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Tackling the Chinese trademark conundrum

As applications increase, is the China Trade Mark Office meeting the challenge?