Case Studies

Multinational Industrial Client Entry into the China Market

Our client planned to make significant investment in China. But one of the major concerns for their Board was how to effectively protect and prevent potential leakage or infringement of their world leading technology.

Before they made this important decision for their business, they engaged Rouse to work with them to consult on their IP strategy. We needed to identify the key factors to be considered for assessing the effectiveness of the IP protection available in several key potential locations. We did this by helping them collect, review and evaluate information about potential locations and providing advice on the best solution for their business.

We were also able to suggest an innovative way to secure more commitment, support and assurance for their IP protection from the local government and assisted in the negotiations with the local government and preparation of the materials needed.

Our client’s Board decided to go with our recommendations and approved this investment based on the strategic consulting work we had undertaken with them.