Case Studies

New telecoms company needed help drafting a patent for the global market for an online telephony system

04 February 2015

They came to us because we had patent attorneys in the local market in Asia, but also had highly skilled EE patent attorneys in Europe who understood the latest technology.

Due diligence on a company sought to be acquired by a foreign innovator business

04 February 2015

An international pharma company sought to acquire a local pharma company in South East Asia.

Multinational Industrial Client Entry into the China Market

12 June 2014

Our client planned to make significant investment in China. But one of the major concerns for their Board was how to effectively protect and prevent potential leakage or infringement of their world leading technology.

Parallel imports case in Russia

02 October 2013

In early 2013 our client, a major multinational lubricants manufacturer, became aware of a parallel imports of their products being offered for sale by a trader called OEM Oil.

'Scotch Whisky' registered GI in Vietnam

01 January 2013

Glasses were raised at a party given by the British Ambassador to Vietnam to celebrate the registration of ‘Scotch Whisky’ as a GI.

More counterfeit Converse shoes dealt with in China

28 December 2012

Thousands of counterfeit ‘Converse’ branded shoes, as well as piles of shoe bodies, soles and boxes, were seized when an AIC investigation team entered the premises of a large shoe manufacturer in Pu Tian City, Fujian province.

China: Put stop to counterfeit 'Converse' shoes

25 December 2012

A stop was recently put to the manufacture of canvas shoes bearing the CO★NS trade mark and the manufacturer fined twice the value of the goods.

China – large damages award for infringement of Jaguar trade marks

19 December 2012

The prominent British-American automobile company registered its Jaguar trade marks in China in 1992 and used them on a wide range of products including clothes, glasses and perfumes.

Philippines: Battling the generic trap

11 December 2012

As English is widely used in the Philippines, many well-known marks often appear in advertising and often the mark may be incorrectly used as a descriptor or adjective, thereby diluting the distinctiveness of the valuable trade mark.

United Kingdom: UK Court of Appeal takes a practical approach in patent litigation

26 March 2012

We acted for one of the Defendants in this complex patent litigation.

United Kingdom: International arbitration

15 March 2012

A client in the United States (US) sought advice on alleged breaches of a licence agreement with a clause providing for arbitration in the United Kingdom.