Webinar: Is dealing with climate change a corporation’s obligation?

Webinar: Is dealing with climate change a corporation’s obligation?

The Philippines has been particularly hard hit in recent years by extreme weather conditions. A landmark investigation is currently taking place there by the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) into corporate responsibility for climate change.

The petition against 47 Carbon Major companies brought by, amongst others Greenpeace Asia, is asking the CHR to investigate the extent to which those companies could be held liable as contributors to greenhouse gases.  Technologies and intellectual property are at the centre of the dispute. The results of the petition will be closely watched but how much can the world depend on technological innovation and IP to address climate change?

In this webinar, Fabrice Mattei who leads our climate change group, will discuss the petition, fast growing climate change legislation and its implications when developing and implementing IP strategies. 

We are running this webinar in two successive weeks - 12 July for those in Asia and 18 July for those in the Americas. We will send webinar details including timings in subsequent emails. 


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12 July 2018
00:00 – 00:00
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