US Unitary patent webinar

US Unitary Patent webinar

Jason Rutt and Rebecca Baines will be providing an overview of Europe's new unified patent regime for US-based contacts.

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It is already possible to obtain an injunction against patent infringement covering the whole of the United States. In a couple of years from now – and for the first time ever - it should be possible for patent owners to obtain a similar injunction, in court action, covering most of Europe. In theory, patentees will be able to remove a competitor’s product from these two markets by means of two court actions. 

Jason and Rebecca will be discussing:

  • the changes that are being introduced
  • the likely timing of the new regime’s entry into force
  • the circumstances in which patentees should obtain Unitary Patent protection
  • how to obtain Unitary protection
  • how the new Court will work
  • the potential benefits and disadvantages of the new system; and
  • the issues patentees should be considering now to decide whether or not to opt their existing European Patents out of the new litigation system when it comes into force.
11 October 2013
17:00 – 18:00 GMT
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