INTA Roundtable: Solutions to domain name disputes under the current Vietnamese laws.

INTA Roundtable: Solutions to domain name disputes under current Vietnamese laws

Hosted, moderated and presented at by Rouse, this event focussed on the rapid growth of the Internet in Vietnam and the “.vn” country-level domain name.

It is perceived as a significant “sign” likely to attract customers and to easily identify not only the business entities but also the commercial source of their goods/services. Going hand in hand with this progress, disputes over “.vn” domain name registrations have of course been increasing in recent years, especially between foreign IP rights holders and local registrants of domain names that incorporate well-known trademarks or trade names.

This session was to review the potential solutions to deal with domain name disputes under the current laws, and discuss how to strengthen the cooperation between VNNIC and MOST in the settlement of domain name disputes.

We also discussed the necessary changes in the law through the coming Circular, and what is needed to improve the current legal mechanisms in order to make the “.vn” domain name disputes resolution system more effective, and better for businesses in and the economy of Vietnam.

18 June 2014
14:00 – 16:30 UTC
Pullman Hanoi Hotel
40 Cat Linh Street
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