CIP Forum 2018

CIP Forum 2018

Rouse Consultancy is sponsoring and speaking at the prestigious event in Gothenberg

Rouse is taking part in three of the panel discussions on Day 3:

The Evolving IP Ecosystem in China
This session seeks to highlight the key aspects of the IP eco-system in China, the sources of impact, its evolution, and its misconceptions. In addition, the discussion will compare/contrast the developments in China with those abroad to offer the basis for establishing cross-border understanding (i.e. how to reconcile and operate effectively between the disparate IP regimes). Ideally, this will also render best approximations for what to expect in the future, both in terms of the China in-country IP regime, but also what to expect for cross-border activities. 

Jin Ling from our Rouse Network firm, Lusheng Partners in Shanghai is one of the panelists.

Later that day, Tim Smith will be moderating:

Innovation Drivers in China from a Technology and IP Strategy Perspective
This session will illustrate the connection and interplay between technology strategy, business strategy, and IP strategy in China's world-view using examples of key technologies that China has decided to prioritize in the future. From this background, lessons about how to interact with the Chinese innovation economy in successful ways in general, and in particular with IP assets will be discussed. This session will also emphasize the time-domain and trajectory aspect where innovation progress, direction and advantage are destined to change rapidly as Chinese innovative ambitions grow both in the domestic market and markets abroad. 

Holly White of Rouse Consultancy in London will be one of the panelists.

The third and final panel is:

Cross-Border Strategies and Business Models
This session is focused on developing an understanding of how to develop and execute IP-centric strategies for creating and capturing commercial value between the West and China. The session will focus on identifying common ground, obviating potential conflicts, and capturing synergies. In the spirit of not being able to function optimally in any one element of a value-chain, unless you understand all of the other linked elements, this session integrates of all of the preceding perspectives into one eco-system model. A model that attendees can use, modify, and extrapolate from to develop and execute their own strategies for creating and realizing IP value in the cross-border context. 

The focus of the event is on sharing innovative ideas, research, and practical experiences among global actors. A blend of theory and practice is employed to bridge the gap between strategy and policy and encourage critical reflection in a world where business and public policy are both in transition.

Tim Smith of Rouse Consultancy in London and Chris Bailey of Rouse Consultancy in Shanghai will be on the panel.