With the assistance of the Rouse Cares team, we aim to minimise the impact our activities have on the environment.

We review all of our activities regularly and have policies for energy use, recycling, travel, inter-office communication and other key areas. We also apply these principles to our procurement practices across the business.

Comprehensive Waste and Recycling Programme

We actively encourage recycling. We have introduced central recycling points to replace waste bins at each work station. We shred confidential waste on site. And we use only recycled paper, buying biodegradeable and/or recycled stationery as much as possible.

Energy Consumption

We have movement-activated lighting in central work areas. Our PCs and monitors feature automatic switch-off. Hot and cold hydro taps have replaced bottled water and kettles. And we encourage minimal air travel to reduce our carbon footprint.

The Plastic Solution Challenge

Launched in 2016, our Philippines office joined The Plastic Solution Challenge in April 2017. Set-up by Ziggie Gonazales, the initiative hopes to tackle the problem of waste plastic bottles by turning them into eco-bricks to be used in building projects across the Philippines.

The bottles are filled with non-biodegradable waste so the plastic bottle and their contents are removed from the environment. The filled bottles are dropped off at various sites around Manila and our staff have been encouraged to get involved not just at work but at home too. Twenty bottles have been collected by the Manila team since joining the initiative.