Our patent team is highly regarded and acts for some of the world's leading patent owners. Its members have a broad spread of technical backgrounds and include registered patent agents and patent attorneys, including ex-patent examiners from local patent offices, as well as lawyers, paralegals and translators.

All our patent attorneys have science or engineering backgrounds and 'real-world experience' in their respective disciplines. Many have worked in-house; some have lectured at universities. Together they combine an aptitude for science and technology with an in-depth knowledge of patent law and a clear focus on their clients' business objectives.

We provide the full range of patent services, from patentability advice and patent drafting to dispute resolution, covering a wide variety of complex technologies, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals (including ANDA-related litigation), medical devices, telecoms equipment, electronic instruments, semiconductor manufacturing, consumer products, chemical processes and products, manufacturing processes and equipment, factory automation, security and monitoring equipment, oil drilling, and water treatment and purification systems, to name a few.

We secure and maintain patent protection throughout the world for a range of clients, from SMEs with small but developing portfolios through to multinational clients with some of the largest and most valuable patent portfolios in the world.

Patents by country


Patents in Africa cover patent filing and prosecution, as well as advice on patent strategy. We look after patent issues for a number of international organisations from the online technology, pharmaceutical/biotech, financial services and other sectors, and can handle applications in individual countries or groups of countries through filing arrangements such as OAPI and ARIPO.


Patents in China cover inventions, designs and utility models. Filings are on the rise, so it is important, when entering the Chinese market, to take reasonable care to ensure that you are not infringing another party’s rights. Our patent professionals have a wide range of legal and practical experience in China. They understand the local business environment and how to develop appropriate patenting strategies, liaising regularly with the client’s local and international business units to ensure that all foreseeable uses of the product in question are taken into account and all forms of available protection considered.

Hong Kong

Patents in Hong Kong are essentially re-registrations of foreign patents. Standard patents are based on patents registered with the State Intellectual Property Office in China, the European Patent Office or the United Kingdom Patent Office. Hong Kong also offers short-term patents, which are quicker and cheaper than standard patents, for more simple inventions. Our Hong Kong patent services include the full range of professional patent attorney work: patent drafting, both Hong Kong and international prosecution, Asian and global patent strategy advice and freedom to operate and clearance work (especially for those manufacturing for export in China). Our patent lawyers are also involved in patent commercialisation and litigation. Our team is part of our regional Asian patent practice, which means it has readyaccess to the skills of a wide range of Asian patent practitioners.


Patents in Indonesia can be standard – for products and processes – or simple – for products only. Certain types of subject matter will not be eligible for either. Our team in Indonesia provides the full range of patent services and can advise you on the patentability of your invention and on the type of patent that is appropriate. Our patent attorneys are involved in drafting, international prosecution, Indonesian prosecution, local and global patent strategy advice and freedom to operate and clearance work. Our patent lawyers are also experienced in both commercialisation and enforcement.


Two types of patent are recognised in the Philippines – patents and utility models, the latter not requiring an inventive step. ‘Use’ is not a requirement for maintaining patents in the Philippines: you simply have to pay annual fees, commencing after the end of the fourth year. In association with local law firm Baranda & Associates, we provide the full range of patent services in the Philippines, from drafting, freedom to operate searches, prosecution and registration to commercialisation and enforcement.


Rouse launched in Russia in May 2013 and now provides patent prosecution and portfolio management services for Russis and the CIS.

Saudi Arabia

The Directorate of Patents at King Abdul-Aziz City of Science and Technology has been deemed the’"Patent Office’ and has the authority to grant patents in the country. Protection can also be obtained via the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Both routes offer protection for up to 20 years. The patent team at our associate firm, Nassir Kadasa & Partners, has significant experience of patent matters in Saudi Arabia having started practice in the 1970s. It deals with all aspects from filing to commercialisation and enforcement and has particular expertise in relation to pharmaceutical patents. It is the leading firm in Saudi Arabia for patent litigation. As Riyadh is the location of the GCC Patent Office, the team is expert in all matters to do with the GCC Patent. Mr Nassir Kadasa was the first attorney to file and win a patent infringement law suit in Saudi Arabia.

Thailand & Myanmar

Patents in Thailand cover inventions and designs. Lawyers and patent attorneys in our Patents Group combine technical backgrounds in various areas such as biotechnology, chemistry, and mechanical engineering with expertise in patent law and business acumen. We help our clients remain competitive in the regional and global marketplace. Our patent attorneys advise clients on the most effective methods for protecting their technology and assist them in patent portfolio strategy and management, and patent drafting and prosecution. Our team also assists with all aspects of commercialisation and enforcement. In addition, we regularly lecture at Chulalongkorn and Thammasat Universities in Bangkok and work with other institutions to promote patents in Thailand.


The Government of the UAE recognises patents for inventions, utility models and designs. Applications can be made to the UAE Patent Office, through the Patent Co-Operation Treaty, or by filing a Gulf-Co-Operations Patent. Our patent team in Dubai deals with all aspects of patenting, from filing to commercialisation and enforcement, throughout the Middle East and North Africa regions. It includes both English and Arabic speaking lawyers and patent agents, and has over the years acquired valuable 'on the ground' know-how and experience. Our UAE licensed patent agency has experience of the national patent systems in the region as well as the GCC patent system.


Patents in the UK last for 20 years and provide protection throughout the UK, but not beyond. Protection overseas requires application to the patent offices in individual countries, through the Patent Co-operation Treaty or under the European Patent Convention. Applying overseas can be complicated, time-consuming and costly. Rouse has extensive experience applying for and prosecuting patents throughout the world. Our patent attorneys are experienced in all aspects of patent prosecution and portfolio management, both private practice and in-house, and providing advice on freedom to operate.

Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia

Patents in Vietnam cover inventions and utility solutions. Application via the NOIP can be a complex process. Our patent attorneys and lawyers are experienced in all aspects of patent protection and enforcement in Vietnam, and committed to helping you along every step of the way. In addition to patent agency and portfolio management services, we provide a full range of patent commercialisation, enforcement and dispute resolution services.

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