With the assistance of the Rouse Cares team, we aim to minimise the impact our activities have on the environment.

We review all of our activities regularly and have policies for energy use, recycling, travel, inter-office communication and other key areas. We also apply these principles to our procurement practices across the business.

Comprehensive Waste and Recycling Programme

We actively encourage recycling. We have introduced central recycling points to replace waste bins at each work station. We shred confidential waste on site. And we use only recycled paper, buying biodegradeable and/or recycled stationery as much as possible.

We saved 113 trees from destruction during the year 2012, by participating in Shred-It’s confidential shredding and recycling programme

Energy Consumption

We have movement-activated lighting in central work areas. Our PCs and monitors feature automatic switch-off. Hot and cold hydro taps have replaced bottled water and kettles. And we encourage minimal air travel to reduce our carbon footprint.

Cycle to Work Scheme

Rouse Cares has recently introduced a Cycle to Work scheme at its UK office as part of the government's 'Green Transport plan'. Rouse buys a bicycle and equipment and hires it back to an employee for a 12-month period, at the end of which the bike can be bought by the employee. The scheme is designed to encourage a healthier journey to work and to help reduce pollution.